5 Easy Steps To Outrun The Police | WheelHouse
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Law Enforcement spends an astounding amount of time training officers how to end high speed pursuits. From boxing in, spike strips, helicopters and the classic PIT maneuver, there are tons of ways the Police can stop a fleeing suspect. Here’s how not to get caught.
Hosted by Nolan Sykes
Edited by Alex I. Rodriguez
Animation by Alex I. Rodriguez
Written by Nolan Sykes
Directed by Zach Redpath
Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly
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  • Donut Media
    Donut Media

    So, obviously don't rob a bank or run from the police. With that disclaimer out of the way, what's your fantasy getaway car? Let me know!

    • Alex Cody
      Alex Cody

      Donut Media I was the 500 coment I was yiu a Ferrari f12

    • otaku nexgen
      otaku nexgen

      Thanks but can you please teach us how to outrun soldiers from area 51 before September 20

    • Reck

      1994 Toyota Camry


      500th comment

    • Adonis A. Garay Torres
      Adonis A. Garay Torres

      Donut Media Ex police Dodge Chargers

  • Rev. Jeremy Benjamin
    Rev. Jeremy Benjamin

    Flip car

  • Jojo T
    Jojo T

    A Tank👍

  • Divij Sharma
    Divij Sharma

    G 63

  • Alec Ringberg
    Alec Ringberg

    Tesla model 3

  • Anthony

    I would use a 370z that’s been set up to drift but looks completely stock from the outside. Before the robbery I would wrap the car in a totally different color. Afterwards I’ll try to hide somewhere, peel off the wrap and drive normally. Of course... before any of this I would practice at a track But yeah.. in my opinion those police SUVs may have a lot of power but I doubt they’re be able to take sharp turns at a very high speeds without its stability control constantly stabbing at the brakes and cutting the throttle.. i think it’s like any big truck.. it’s only fast in a straight line.

  • steven Chen
    steven Chen

    So Fuck the police but definitely fuck the California police

  • Yes

    Imma get a Mazda miada

  • Josh Grimm
    Josh Grimm

    tesla model x

  • Jocelyn Sapieha
    Jocelyn Sapieha

    Subaru forester saved me a few times 😏

  • Payton Pelletier
    Payton Pelletier

    Sedan skyline

  • The Technical Panda
    The Technical Panda

    Tuned SAAB 95 areo

  • Le GOD-ua De Canada
    Le GOD-ua De Canada

    *Police departement want to know your location*

  • Haddog Haddox
    Haddog Haddox

    Ford Raptor

  • L58 P56
    L58 P56

    I would pack a Tesla model workers quiet it's going to look low profile

    • L58 P56
      L58 P56

      Sorry I meant model y

  • Tijn Siroop
    Tijn Siroop

    i would choose a subaru wrx sti out 2009

  • Abdilrauf Dogan
    Abdilrauf Dogan

    Audi rs3? Anyone? I think would be a good car for outrunning cops

  • Ben Jared
    Ben Jared

    Lotus carlton

  • 冬Winter

    Single turbo 2jz jzx100 with a left hand drive swap. Noone will know what it is, and its normal enough looking stock to blend in

  • CMC concep2
    CMC concep2

    message:NBI wants to know your location

  • Thecoldestemefer .1
    Thecoldestemefer .1

    Ls3 swapped 92 c4 corvette 😎

  • UglyNiggaBoomin

    IMA go with the hellcat or the doge demon

  • an actually happy person
    an actually happy person

    I would choose a fast armored vehicle

  • Nerosanik 42
    Nerosanik 42

    Don’t know about y’all, but I’d go old school. Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 1978/79

  • Areg Mirzoyan
    Areg Mirzoyan

    mercedes benz e class these are pretty common around America so it might be a low profile car

  • Vive La Baguette
    Vive La Baguette

    The thing is, this might actually work. You may have created a pretty good guide on how to get away from the cops 2015 Camaro SS for the car. In black of course. I see some around where I live and it looks like an average coupe so it might blend in.

  • TomioLo OOF
    TomioLo OOF

    always the jet from gta

  • Entorid

    i would go with bmw e34, with M pack

  • Pugrug 420
    Pugrug 420

    F-22 raptor easy

  • angus dyer
    angus dyer

    watch baby driver

  • Angus No balls
    Angus No balls


  • Migz Gamer
    Migz Gamer

    Drs Pym Cars Collection

  • gtr 34
    gtr 34

    Mazda rx8

  • Scooter Grant
    Scooter Grant

    The obvious choice is a sharp ATV. It floats on water and. its tyres inflate with the exhaust fumes.

  • Shawn Symmonds
    Shawn Symmonds

    Porsche Boxster 2000

  • Panda

    2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1

  • AaronZzz

    A lawnmower

  • pz 40
    pz 40

    Ford f250 2014

  • Marcos Guiardinu Vlogs
    Marcos Guiardinu Vlogs

    5 easy ways to get your ass arrested

  • Thunder Racing
    Thunder Racing

    16 challenger 392 hemi auto

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer

    Step 6: *Don't drive an auto*

  • grumpy guy28
    grumpy guy28

    1974 Dodge Monaco from Blues Brothers movie 🚓

  • Parker McCool
    Parker McCool

    2011 Ford Escape.

  • Victor Smialek
    Victor Smialek

    Lancia o37 stradale nifty and fast with good handling because it’s rally car

  • Platinum Dolphin
    Platinum Dolphin

    Toyota supra 2lz swap

  • Fabian Felix Rodriguez
    Fabian Felix Rodriguez

    Ford fiesta

  • DukeTheGreat

    1977 Pontiac T/A Firebird, in Smokey and the Bandit it worked lol

  • martoevo

    600hp Evo ofc, and has to be wingless to blend in!

  • Jayden Ramos
    Jayden Ramos

    Dude just ride ur bike

  • PRIME 200
    PRIME 200

    Camaro ss

  • 山田豪鬼

    R33 Skyline GTR VSpec with navy blue paintjob

  • Ryan Crew
    Ryan Crew

    3:08 genius 500IQ

  • Ryan Crew
    Ryan Crew

    How has this video not gotten demonetized yet?

  • Audrey Adams
    Audrey Adams

    Charger hellcat

  • The Fitzwater
    The Fitzwater

    CTS-v or of course a motorcycle driven into the back of a uhaul

  • random content
    random content

    Ducati panigale R

  • charles miro
    charles miro

    Dodge durango srt

  • Miguel Torres
    Miguel Torres

    My evo x

  • Chicken OREOs10
    Chicken OREOs10

    i would take a '19 Audi TT RS Roadster

  • Anthony Ellison
    Anthony Ellison

    Duh Jeep Grand Cherokee trackhawk

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper

    I would pick a Toyota supra😍

  • Chuck Dricken
    Chuck Dricken

    school bus

  • JulyIsgamerpridemonthlol

    Black Charger hellcat

  • Jeffrey Boateng
    Jeffrey Boateng

    You just stupid 😂😂😂

  • GetZippedUp

    charger hellcat

  • Iori Williams
    Iori Williams

    Got to use a Mitsubishi evo

  • Hunter Trautman
    Hunter Trautman

    2004 ford bronco

  • Isaiah Dattage
    Isaiah Dattage

    Obviously it has to be a tuned buick le sabre

  • Zequends

    why not a Lamborghini urus

  • BeefGamer 23
    BeefGamer 23

    If you had a Suzuki wagon r and you got enough distance from the cops you could stop and get a Chevrolet ss and the cops wouldn't know it was you