3 Fights That Will Never Be Forgotten - Pt7
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0:37 Number 1. Lucas Matthysse vs Ruslan Provodnikov - On April 19, 2015 in New York, USA took place a fight in super lightweight. The Russian, a 31-year-old ex-WBO champion Ruslan Provodnikov met with the interim WBC world champion, a 32-year-old Argentinian Lucas Martin Matthysse.
5:59 Number 2. Victor Ortiz vs Andre Berto - On April 16, 2011 was held the fight of the year, as it was described later, between Victor Ortiz and the unbeaten WBC belt holder Andre Berto.
11:05 Number 3. Joe Calzaghe vs Byron Mitchell - On June 28, 2003 Joe Calzaghe retained his belt for the 13th time. In this fight that lasted two rounds, Calzaghe was first knocked down, but paid back.
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  • Alexandre Vieira
    Alexandre Vieira

    Alguem! Brasil

  • Jhon Whitney
    Jhon Whitney

    The referee called the fight way too soon on that last clip

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    Джо Колзки Да го за пидары

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    Алкаш К

    Джо Колзки наилучшийй

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    Jon Cezar



    Strong minded


    Good head conditioning fights .

  • Jesus is cunt
    Jesus is cunt

    Black gorilla, against white man. Very nice match.

  • Олександр Матвієнко
    Олександр Матвієнко

    Приємно глянути який їбальник у рузьке собаки))))

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    Евгений Иванов

    Проводников ни какой в обороне.

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    Петрович Петрович

    Артур Агати номер два.

  • Sebastián Rocha
    Sebastián Rocha

    Floyd Mayweather if they put me one of them would kill me hahahahahahaha

  • George Michael
    George Michael

    He was taking a beating he had to stop it

  • George Michael
    George Michael

    You see that fake nigga in the crowed tell me if you know who I'm talking about

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    Atef Achour

    Roy johnes jr✌✌✌

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    Артем Ким

    вот это мужчины!!!!

  • 20sentryboy

    So what were the three fights, I seem to have forgotten.

  • Andrew Badinas
    Andrew Badinas

    wahahaha mayweather the runner rat

  • maeta Charly
    maeta Charly

    Wrong? The winner it’s not you?

  • Juan carlo Emigdio
    Juan carlo Emigdio

    Holy moly guacamole They fight like a bulldogs

  • Juan carlo Emigdio
    Juan carlo Emigdio

    Mexican fighters are not easy

  • Thales Barbosa
    Thales Barbosa

    give it a like! I love how that sounds hahaha

  • Hädicke Daniel
    Hädicke Daniel

    The first one really nice. No fear ,no dirty games because of a weak chin, not a boring taktik, but a lot respect for each other. Masterpiece of both

  • Markus Aurelius
    Markus Aurelius

    Последний бой отстой!!! Хуйня а не бой!!! 👎👎👎

  • Michael Madarico
    Michael Madarico

    Real fight real boxing

  • Андрей Волков
    Андрей Волков

    эти бои не забудет только автор...

  • Kristaps Jankovskis
    Kristaps Jankovskis

    At the end of the days - they respect each other.

  • Сергей Дзусь
    Сергей Дзусь

    Покажите ЛОМАЧЕНКО!

  • Сергей Дзусь
    Сергей Дзусь

    Такие бои надо смотреть полностью!

  • Wilder Gudiel
    Wilder Gudiel

    this is a boxing match. not like fucking Mayweather running the whole time



  • Alison Woo Espinal
    Alison Woo Espinal

    Esto es si es pelear cn ganaz 🇳🇮

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    Hanzo Hasashi

    Спасибо за хорошие бои.

  • Hanzo Hasashi
    Hanzo Hasashi

    10:30-я болел за чернокожего. Жаль, что проиграл этому клоуну.

  • Angular Buckle
    Angular Buckle

    3 Fights That Will Never Be Forgotten? Even just after I watched it I already forgotten it because of the commentators. I do not know where they find these commentators they are so boring.

  • grim reaper
    grim reaper

    руслан красава!

  • Mike Hagman
    Mike Hagman

    Das sind Prügelleien das hat nix mit Boxen zu tun!

  • Mike Hagman
    Mike Hagman

    lol,die hab ich jetzt schon vergessen!Was soll das?Lächerlich!

  • leonard edwards
    leonard edwards

    Funny comment section got Mayweather nuts in they mouth as usual

  • Bullet proof
    Bullet proof

    Is it allowed to throw a twohands punch 👊 👊 on the opponent in boxing?

  • Limbu Mangyung
    Limbu Mangyung

    Mayweathe you can't fight same this

  • Keith Purdue
    Keith Purdue

    Last one, yes. Memorable.

  • Keith Purdue
    Keith Purdue

    Good fights. Evenly matched. No surprises. Not memorable.

  • Vladimir Outlive
    Vladimir Outlive

    Что бабла не хватает? Рекламы напихвли чмори, как незнаю чего

  • dongfang hu
    dongfang hu


  • James Banks
    James Banks

    The referee didn't have any business stopping that fight in fact he didn't know what the hell he was doing.

  • James Banks
    James Banks

    The last fight of this video was bulshit

  • Mr.L Diggs
    Mr.L Diggs

    This video was much more exciting than watching the LA Rams get beat in the Superbowl yesterday.

  • Armando Aguilar
    Armando Aguilar

    May weather viendo una verdadera demostración de lo que es pelear, y no como el que corre todo los rounds!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kamil Jak
    Kamil Jak

    Ale galasiorka , pełen podziw.

  • Роман Машарипов
    Роман Машарипов

    бля, некто не пишет на руском. судя дебил последный бой остоновил еше и с нокаутом. какова хуя??

  • el clandestino kw kw
    el clandestino kw kw

    Maywhater is a black chicken

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    Ariel ferrari


  • Vincent Yeaboh
    Vincent Yeaboh

    Unbelievable what a fight

  • Николай Крамаренко
    Николай Крамаренко


  • sebastian ontiveros
    sebastian ontiveros

    barrera vs morales? para mi la mejor pelea de todos los tiempos, mis respetos, recuerdo que hasta la vi de pie todo el tiempo pero porque no alcancé asiento 😂👍jaja. fuera de broma si no la vieron recomiendo vean la trilogia completa con unas palomitas y cerveza bien fría

  • idlir mitrushi
    idlir mitrushi

    I got one word for the Russian boxer at the first fight, Respect to you man! Also, i want to tell to the Argentinian boxer, you must be a very good boxer to defeat a boxer like that Russian! Both of you, well done! Respect. 👏🏼

  • Ana Bolika
    Ana Bolika

    genau in der Sekunde hätte er dem Zombie in die Fresse schlagen müssen

  • Elias Garcia
    Elias Garcia

    Excelente ????

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega

    Awesome fight the first one. The rookie crowd kind of dulled it for me.

  • david glover
    david glover

    Evader Holyfield v ?? Buster Douglas vs Tyson And what other one??? Tyson was like 36-0 When he lost his title ..

  • Fa Ra
    Fa Ra


  • Raskrutimsait Raskrutimsait
    Raskrutimsait Raskrutimsait

    Виталий Кличко - Сандерс - просто супер бой, один из лучших считаю

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    Luke Werner

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  • C MayR
    C MayR

    Lucas got damaged in this fight that he will never be this good again

  • bad bob
    bad bob

    I'm sorry to disagree but, Hagler vs Hearns is one of the most unforgettable fights of all time-check your boxing history for the others, no offense bro but I was there and will never forget them. The rumble in the jungle was awesome too, even though these are back in the seventies-they are still important boxing history. Good job on the video, and yeah they were good to watch, so thanks for posting them.

    • Gavin Evans
      Gavin Evans

      Check out george foreman v ron Lyle great fight 👍

  • Kermit Frog
    Kermit Frog

    Those who say Mayweather can't fight obviously doesn't know the meaning of the word "boxing".

  • DJ Chanelo
    DJ Chanelo

    Not sure if they are bad defenders or their shots are just to weak to knock each other down.

  • Oscar Valdez
    Oscar Valdez

    Ya nunca vamos a ver peleas así....los boxeadores que pelean hoy...puro joto.se cuidan mucho la cara....y pelen por dinero no por demostrar quien tiene más huevos

  • Abdallah Kemmar
    Abdallah Kemmar

    Ils encaissent bien

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  • SI Rich
    SI Rich

    Out of all pro athletes, no one is conditioned like boxers are. No one.

  • Floyd Larck
    Floyd Larck

    First fight was kick-ass! Great editing by the way.

  • kelechi obasi
    kelechi obasi

    If you cant take blows, dont throw blows. Peter Tosh.

  • Cybel Verasis
    Cybel Verasis

    Nextime upcoming figth usain bolt vs mayweather

  • TheJaypr23

    Ortiz is a monster boy

  • Celio GB
    Celio GB

    Viva Lula!

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    Shah man

    Oh yeah nahui

  • nagbago Juan
    nagbago Juan

    Corales vs Castillo best fight I see

  • Eloina Seguro
    Eloina Seguro

    When am down i think of FLOYD MAYWEATHER smile and that make me sooo happy

  • Eloina Seguro
    Eloina Seguro

    Mayweather forever 💖💖your biggest MEXICAN FAN

  • Eloina Seguro
    Eloina Seguro

    Mayweather is so cute 😘❤💖

  • Michael Love
    Michael Love

    Real fighting not like Mayweather 🏃 and hiding

  • Grove Side12
    Grove Side12

    That Russian Dude When He Had Blood In His Face He Looked Like Elon Musk

  • VIking

    Руслан лицом боксирует )) как всегда .

  • iamclapped human
    iamclapped human

    Am I the only one that is scared...🤲😅

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    Денис Б

    cheap bastards.

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    call your buddies, I'll kick your ass.

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    let's see how you sing then

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    Денис Б

    don't insult Ruslan or I'll come and smash your face in.

  • Sean Curran
    Sean Curran

    What's that opening soundtrack from??

  • flux760

    It sucks that ortiz fucked up the way he did against mayweather right after tha epic fight against berto.

  • Roman Sonata
    Roman Sonata

    La de mathyse no deberia estar aca... malisima

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom

    And may weather is not worth to watch

  • Elias Åkesson
    Elias Åkesson

    Calzaghe is the real goat here!

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  • Ray

    BS shouldn't of stopped it!!!!!!!!!

  • Dramacidal

    Hearns vs Hagler

  • eagle team
    eagle team

    Tough as it gets