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21 Savage - a lot ft. J. Cole
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Directed by: Aisultan Seitov
Production Co: Kalakala, LLC (Wear A Hat Productions and Alchemist Productions)
Producer: Yulia Safonova, Yelzhan “JanniBiss” Bissenbayev
#21savage #iamiwas #4L
(C) 2019 Slaughter Gang, LLC under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

  • Noah Danso
    Noah Danso


  • Vhiyz

    How many times did 21 savage say a lot? *a lot*

  • Shawn Villalobos
    Shawn Villalobos

    The beat is beautiful.

  • nightmare killa
    nightmare killa

    How many 'a lot' jokes are there in the comment section? A lot

  • Antonis Mavrommatis
    Antonis Mavrommatis

    Best 21 savage track by far

  • Salaudeen Sheriff
    Salaudeen Sheriff

    One of my favorite tracks of all time

  • PineappleApple

    "Your British" I just realized...

  • Kaylaa

    I've heard this song about 100 billion times 😂😂

  • Luiz Guilherme
    Luiz Guilherme


  • hershey

    i love this video so 100 omg it made me cry also.

  • Wyatt Ohse
    Wyatt Ohse

    They need to release this song with that third verse 🔥

  • jakyla butler
    jakyla butler

    How many problems you got? a lot

  • Trey Mayne
    Trey Mayne

    Man this shit the truth thankyou 21 and jcole help me get get thru alot frfr

  • Damien Is A Bot
    Damien Is A Bot

    If you read this I hope your rich 👇🏽

  • Sabba7h

    5:43 hits hard when you really think about it take care of your family, at the end of the day that's all you got

  • jasmine Mosby
    jasmine Mosby

    Friend's dad walk in the door "how many pizzas I got...A lot"...we both look at each other like...what he know bout 21Savage😂

  • Melissa McBeal
    Melissa McBeal

    Who love 21 savage A lot

  • Melissa McBeal
    Melissa McBeal

    J cole looks like drake and weekend 😆 omg some one liked the comment oh that mine i am lonely 😭😭😭😭😱😞😒

  • JrVtec

    Not for nothing but a lot of people that were hating on hispanics for coming illegally think differently now after it affected someone that they follow, In this case 21.

  • ImJp

    “How many pounds you got?” 21 Savage: a lot *in a British accent*

  • Chyna doll
    Chyna doll

    My son has played music from this artist for years. A lot of times I would say “ turn that mess off!” lol This rap song I love because 21 savage sounds grown up now ... life does that to all of us.... If we rich , poor, etc.. we have A Lot of problems.... Well said 21 savage... How much does this proud Black Momma like this song.... A Lot!!!!!😍

  • Don Smith
    Don Smith

    How many wins you got

  • My_Fault

    Might be 21 forever but man is sounding like a wise grandad on this shizz

  • Is that yo mans 222
    Is that yo mans 222

    How much good grades you got 21 Savage: A lot.

  • The Don A.R.K B Noah
    The Don A.R.K B Noah

    All the love they gave me was fake Mama love me so I knew that I was straight

  • Piotr Krawczyk
    Piotr Krawczyk

    Other rappers: Bitches, cars, money... 21 savage: Ni🅱️🅱️as with problems

  • Adidas And
    Adidas And

    This is how many girls/boys u get To get ^A LOT* then like

  • Kelsey Catchings
    Kelsey Catchings

    21 savage:turn my headphones down a little bit Me: turning my headphones up because the beat go hard

  • HR

    A música da década! 🔥🎧✍️

  • Makiah Grant
    Makiah Grant

    How many girls u got A LOT

  • Shamara Gardner
    Shamara Gardner

    21savege I’m became a fan of you

  • Luiz Porto
    Luiz Porto

    i just get here cause of

  • Keilana Powell
    Keilana Powell

    Love Savage!He's A Beast🤗

  • help me im locked in the basement
    help me im locked in the basement

    Are we just going to ignore the significant message behind this and 21 savages massive improvement over the years?

  • Bome Crate Crafts
    Bome Crate Crafts

    Wow this is really well how I say good


    He said turn your headphones down that scared me I thought sixnine was going to pop out

  • Twitch King07
    Twitch King07

    He call it alot I open my book and I jot bars😀😀

  • Ethan cook
    Ethan cook


  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul

    did anyone hear a new verse in this song

  • Cyrus Bain
    Cyrus Bain

    This is how many times 21 Savage said "alot" ↙️

  • Richy

    Gucci came out with a lot first back in 08 from da movie part 2 mixtape 💯

  • Erika Elias
    Erika Elias


  • Yung Moogie
    Yung Moogie

    I pray for markelle cuz I know they fucked up his shot 😂😂😂 markelle fultz cant catch a break bruh

  • Aidennish

    How many times did you listen to this song? A lot

  • Juan What Zit Tooya
    Juan What Zit Tooya

    Principal: how many times you skip class 21 Savage: A lot

  • Ansar Maratuly
    Ansar Maratuly

    a lot

  • Princess Tales
    Princess Tales

    this is powerful

  • Azrul Johanson
    Azrul Johanson

    This song is the best.

  • Kgotso Mohlala
    Kgotso Mohlala

    I will never be embarrassed to be Black. ❤

  • CriSpy BoiCash
    CriSpy BoiCash

    DIRECTOR: So how many verses you want? Savage: A lot

  • kamer wood
    kamer wood

    No wigs no makeup 💄

  • Brandon L Jett
    Brandon L Jett

    How many times can I listen to J Cole's verse on repeat? a lot.........

  • Nick Hernandez
    Nick Hernandez

    You’re really just lying to yourself if you don’t think this is the best track dropped in 2019 so far

  • NigaHigaMarathon

    How many times you said a lot *a lot*

  • Err0r

    How many times he say alot? Alot

  • Mikołaj Mazur
    Mikołaj Mazur

    My favourite british raper XD

  • Giampiero M.
    Giampiero M.

    Who comes here for DubsTv??

  • boss god
    boss god

    111mil views

  • Mystery Singer
    Mystery Singer

    How many times did my parents tell me to stop listening to this song?? Me: A lot

  • davidson wright
    davidson wright

    How much money 💰 you go a lot that’s the real question 21

  • robert jones
    robert jones

    21 Savage & J.cole is not the only one´s going bad

  • Lucas H. Araújo
    Lucas H. Araújo

    Mano esse som e o clipe desse som é muito bom mano puta que te pariu

  • iLOVEzAAnax

    This song seriously says a lot

  • andika yudhistitra
    andika yudhistitra

    When you just got you salary but have a ton of debt 1:46 - 1:48

  • Lamont Beckles
    Lamont Beckles kid spits that fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 from Trinidad

  • General Shepherd
    General Shepherd

    I am GENERAL SHEPHERD BITCHS CLONE WARS!! I am Banned on you tube.But I am UNBANNABLE!!

  • CC 168
    CC 168

    How many views I've spent on this? A LOT.


    how many times u can cum A lot 😂😂😂

  • gigolak

    The 2nd verse of just a masterpiece

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah

    I like the part when he says a lot

  • ERi Lover
    ERi Lover

    How many do you Listen to this song A Lot ❤️

  • LUIS 04
    LUIS 04

    A lot

  • Imad Essaiydy
    Imad Essaiydy

    imagine if i was on the table , I WOULD EAT IT ALL? honesly i love food

  • Witty Panda
    Witty Panda

    Can wait for your next hit How many likes dis got Me.A lot

  • Kiara Herrera
    Kiara Herrera

    What happened to J? I love him but he was giving me those shrek vibes....cringe

  • MentallyCrafted

    how many times did he say alot?

  • Nadine Dwy
    Nadine Dwy

    damn feature 🤯🤤🥴

  • Luckyy

    how much money you got XXXTENTION:a lot

  • ImSmart

    I feel bad for deaf people 😅


    Damn this video is FUCKIN DEEP

  • AlxEm3

    Cole raps so freaking clearly geesh. 🔥

  • Trxll. K
    Trxll. K

    Hey i live in the neighborhood were they filmed this at in GA dats crzy

  • Tehani KS
    Tehani KS

    Love how they showed the family members at the lowest point of their lives. Shows that you can always bounce back from what life throws back at you.

  • Sway Wavy
    Sway Wavy

    Just like nbayoungboy and 21

  • Sway Wavy
    Sway Wavy

    Am I going to die alone? I feel I won't make it out alive because no one cares for me so many people betrayed me so I'ma TURN EVIL.

  • Jacky Sagala
    Jacky Sagala

    How much you got alot🤑🤑

  • Rollin Up
    Rollin Up

    This song lit af

  • E.D TV
    E.D TV

    Y’all need to stfu with yo British jokes At the end of the day he is still more successful and has more money than all of you ✌️🤴☝️

  • Jesse Saffold
    Jesse Saffold

    rappers need to get back to this type of rap music.

  • Petros Petruska
    Petros Petruska

    How many views is that? A LOT!

  • Bleach

    Can I have some tea and crumpets?...


    Of course J Cole absolutely killed it, but the 3rd verse 21 did for this video is barely spoken about they need to release it on stream.

  • Third Wheel
    Third Wheel

    where do you park your car? Me: a lot edit: wow 1 like thanks guys

  • Lazzer Jorden
    Lazzer Jorden

    Who are theses 50 thousand people who dislike this this is fire I’m pretty sure even 60 years olds and 10 years would think this fire

  • Esther Rodriguez
    Esther Rodriguez

    How many cars you you have 21 savage A lot 😃🦄

  • Pogan Laul
    Pogan Laul

    Bank account part 2

  • Angel Butler
    Angel Butler

    Now every time someone answers a lot to a question I think of this song, so I go to start singing it and I wish a knew at least a few more lyrics 😂😅😭

  • mark's world
    mark's world

    Perfect song

  • BrakishWinter 7
    BrakishWinter 7

    Hi guys my name is bille jean

  • DC_ BodyBagZ
    DC_ BodyBagZ

    Need snoop on this that would bring millions and lil wayne bars for day #Remix #Barsfordays