2019 TDTM | R1B9 | McBeth, Koling, Johansen, Goodpasture
You're watching the Men's Opening Round Feature Card at the 2019 Throw Down the Mountain presented by Discraft.
Our coverage is proudly presented to you by Discraft & Sun King
Feature Card:
Paul McBeth
Michael Johansen
Jeremy Koling
Charlie Goodpasture
Commentary by
Jeremy Koling & Simon Lizotte
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  • JomezPro

    Thank you for watching, liking, subscribing, and sharing! What do you think about our R2 card??

    • John Evans
      John Evans

      @13:10 I read its distance when it was all white lmao par 5 @ 1,030,314 meters 😰 good luck going under par gentlemen. All jokes aside just keep these coming!!

    • discgolfjeff

      I think I’m ready to watch it ;) great coverage!

    • pali dinto
      pali dinto

      You guys are always fun, thanks for giving us great coverage!

    • Nathan Yates
      Nathan Yates


    • Lyndon Dimond
      Lyndon Dimond

      Great coverage. Can't wait to see you guys roll through my old stomping grounds in the QC for The Rumble. The Jomez Pro Tour is where it's at.

  • kenny wheeler
    kenny wheeler

    Love the Big Jerm-an commentary! Simon is one of my favorite players to watch, and who knew he could fill the Big Sexy shoes so well.

  • Hetyboi

    Haha jomez pro haters got nothing! 1.3k likes vs 4 dislikes 😂

  • john hall
    john hall

    Great job, yet again! My favorite line? "My rhyme scheme was a bit blurry." So cool to have a player on the card doing the commentary, too. Well done, y'all!

  • peter scutti
    peter scutti

    I have the same reactions that Simon and Uli do to Big Jerms sense of humor

  • Jarad Reiser
    Jarad Reiser

    Love the joke about opposite rounds lol. Solid 2 right here

  • Tuomas Rupponen
    Tuomas Rupponen

    More courses like this. It's way more interesting to watch when players need to have a wide set of skills to get great scores. Not just to throw long in an open field, which is boring and doesn't separate the averages and the pros necessarily. Very nice coverage! Paul is an animal..

  • Bda 31175
    Bda 31175

    Hey Koling. It get heavy shooting those bricks?

  • LuK3_D

    When you find jomez pro, in trending page of Finnish youtube 😍 good job!

  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies

    17:19 - We love you, Jerm! Thanks for stamping my 12x Kenny Champion TeeBird in Paradise! We just got back from Paradise 2019. RPM's Simon F won it, and Yeti got 2nd. We missed you, and your beat-boxing Amoeba dance skills round the Jungle Of Fame bonfire!

  • Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel
    Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel

    This elevation is crazy! Looks like TN but with Spanish moss lol.

  • Peyton Hopkins
    Peyton Hopkins

    I'm curious as to what colors aces and triple bogeys are on the score card.

  • Dave Allen
    Dave Allen

    Paul foot fault on 11's drive?

  • sfincione2000

    The drop in on hole 14 by Jerm made me laugh

  • BrewGuy5000

    I really appreciated the self-deprecating humor from Big Jerm! Super funny and relatable. Great work as always Jomez Team!

  • Mostly Involuntarily Unkown To Me...
    Mostly Involuntarily Unkown To Me...

    Big German commentary makes me belly laugh!

  • TheSoppakulho

    God dang trending this video! Let's get it to #1

  • Hello Sir
    Hello Sir

    Jeremy "star wraith, everythings early release, even late releases" Koling

  • Derrick Andrade
    Derrick Andrade

    a follow flight on bad shots would be GREAT!!! should also be a split screen to show their face/reaction.

  • Laama Hattu
    Laama Hattu


    • JomezPro

      Because we appreciate you. ❤️

  • Airiq Tibbits
    Airiq Tibbits

    Koling, your teeshot on 13(round 1), wouldn't that have been a "late release", not early release???

  • Matej Verl
    Matej Verl

    Hole 14 - 1.030.314 meters long. Thats hefty!!! :)).

  • Justin G
    Justin G

    Follow flights for bad shots could be fun. Call them "Foll-oh-no Flights"

  • DiscnWhiskey

    Cheers to Big Jerm. Great Disc golfer. Great Commentator, and the Champion of outspoken introverts.

  • heelsfanatic88

    Paul, I'm assuming you use your T.I. buzz for shaping a slight turn, but if you use a newer one at 175-177 , that shot will be dead straight, I can promise you that

  • Jp Jp
    Jp Jp

    Just catching up on this tourney..looks good! Excellent commentary.👊👊

    • Jp Jp
      Jp Jp

      Also was interested in what mold of aviars you and Rick throw...big Kens..no bead or micro?

  • Jay Littlefield
    Jay Littlefield

    Next time come down and get The Open at Belton (TX), brand new course A tier tourney 30 minutes from Waco

  • Jordan Riehm
    Jordan Riehm

    camera guy at 2:20 shaking his head in disbelief at McBeth's upshot lol

  • Jason Ames
    Jason Ames

    I need Jerm to never mention Champ Classic Rocs again. I have enough trouble finding them as it is and no one else needs to know how wonderful they are.

  • Donovan Creamer
    Donovan Creamer

    “That’s a great way to look at not being good.” Best Lizotte quote of the year.

  • Jacob Clark
    Jacob Clark

    Congrats Jomez for 100k. Absolutely crazy. Thanks for everything you have done for the game.

  • Isaac's

    I was just thinking, "Huh, I wonder if Big Jerm smokes?" 17:34

  • Keith Griffin
    Keith Griffin

    Jerm - "Scurry down the hill in a hurry. Like Steph Curry. My rhyme scheme is a little blurry."

  • Doug Tyas
    Doug Tyas

    This course needs to be on tour.

  • Suzanne Wharton
    Suzanne Wharton

    "That was special . .. almost." That's funny.

  • Ron Marx
    Ron Marx

    Curry 😂

  • TAFL Hols
    TAFL Hols

    Damn, Jerm--mad scrambling skills!

  • Lasse Pesonen
    Lasse Pesonen

    We need Big Jerm tapin silhouette discs. Same like emacs 😂

  • Cory O'Quinn
    Cory O'Quinn

    that was special, almost lol

  • Conner Williams
    Conner Williams

    I feel the allergies too Jerm. They are already brutal this year.


    18:55 - when your girlfriend is more into disc golf than you and pulls you out of the way of the disc. XD

  • James McGraw
    James McGraw

    Hey bigjerm, some day maybe you and a crew can travel to northern Manitoba some summer, above the 54th parallel, and play our local course. You can tee off at 8pm and get 18 holes in... before the sun sets!! ;)

  • mega icculus
    mega icculus

    love having Simon commentate. sounds like we needed a face came for commentary with all the faces Simon was making.

  • David Persson
    David Persson

    Thank you for a very good coverage. Good job trying to catch all those shots bouncing off the trees. You did a very good job trying to get the names right on those Kasta Plast (Throw Plastic) discs. Keep it up Jerm.:)

  • Elissa Zerr
    Elissa Zerr

    Simon is savage.

  • Nick Lewis
    Nick Lewis

    My GAWD Jerm, what a round attire 🔥🔥

  • slmnmndr co
    slmnmndr co

    11:36 Mcbeast with the stratus???

  • WillyDilly WonkaDonk
    WillyDilly WonkaDonk

    Jerm sucks at disc golf

  • joe adair
    joe adair

    Not army golf nascar golf...turn left

  • Dave Baker
    Dave Baker

    Great looking course.

  • Warren Massey
    Warren Massey

    Keep up the AWSOME commentaries!!!

  • Zed Leppelin
    Zed Leppelin

    Geeze! I think these graphics are maxed out! I really believe they could not be better

  • Ed Peppler
    Ed Peppler

    “Challenge on every hole”

  • Trevor Reniger
    Trevor Reniger

    Bummer to see one of our favorite players struggle, but Jerm has a fantastic attitude after a hard round. The guy is hilarious.

  • Coleman J. Rimer
    Coleman J. Rimer

    "Midrange ROLLER?" Simon would hang himself if he had to comment on one of my rounds :)

  • JeppeX

    I think McBeth does that on hole 16 because it drops down really quickly since its really overstable

  • Brandon Sampson
    Brandon Sampson

    Simon shouldn't question mcbeasts shots 4x for a reason

  • Brandon Castle
    Brandon Castle

    I'm thinking a "Follow Fright" for the bad shot Follow Flight. As always Jomez, amazing work! Y'all are the standard for disc golf video production.

  • Greg Reece
    Greg Reece

    Id like to have pauls game and jeremy kollings great attitude.

  • jfoster2488

    Good lord, what a pleasure to hear great commentary and watch great video coverage, thank you Jomez and big germ? No? Or Big sky? No? Or Big wonder? I don't know but you guys rock...

    • jfoster2488

      Or Big Rib? Or Big jab?

  • Benjamin Turk
    Benjamin Turk

    Love how Simon calls out Jeremy on his over-stating of everything.

  • Joshua Black
    Joshua Black

    Let's get more Simon! He's hilarious

  • Kairo Antsaar
    Kairo Antsaar

    See I have no idea if any of the fauna Jerm shouts out is correct but he says it with such confidence I believe him.

    • john hall
      john hall

      I know, right? He and Nate last year had me on the floor with the arboreal antics!

  • Christopher Lenz
    Christopher Lenz

    Big Jerm - you use the star wraith as your forehand hyzer flip? What about the tee bird?

  • Nar


  • Hky03

    Hole 14 is quite long for a par 5.

  • Ryan Ludwig
    Ryan Ludwig

    He would have made it with the mcpro

  • freddie crunk
    freddie crunk

    To the person that set up camera angles for Charlies' drive hole 17, "I salute you."

  • freddie crunk
    freddie crunk

    With a little more seasoning this new guy, Raul Macbeef, could win some tournaments in time.

  • kaatanglove

    great coverage as always, this course was a lot of fun to watch, so different!

  • Gold cool Kid
    Gold cool Kid

    Just found this channel and I love it!

  • Chris Fabian
    Chris Fabian

    I watched the Discgolfguy coverage and I think it’s super awesome that you shared your drone footage! JomezPro fantastic videos and class act guys!

  • Justin Choi
    Justin Choi

    Why does Jerm keep his bag on a stool? Does his signature pound bag not come with any feet under his bag?

  • Wesley Warren
    Wesley Warren

    Where did McBob go?

  • Bobby Swain
    Bobby Swain

    Man Ive missed this coverage.....its a feel good moment....thx JomezPro

  • Ivan Pacheco
    Ivan Pacheco

    “Like Seth Curry” hahahaha

  • wangchungfoo

    "Shoutout to Allergies!" No.

  • Nicholas Stewart
    Nicholas Stewart

    Great coverage!

  • citysmasher2

    Team Hindenburg. That's big and German.

  • Desiree Malacusky
    Desiree Malacusky

    Shout-out to allergies. Haha 😂 u make me laugh Big Jerm.

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman

    I'm not the grammar nit usually, but announcers on this and other DG broadcasts need to work on the use of "Threw it well". It is not "Threw it good". I guess I am the grammar nit now, but I am correct.

    • jfoster2488

      That's so dang humorless

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia

    This is a great course!

  • Joe Brown
    Joe Brown

    Lol @ Jerm blaming the Spanish moss for his bad shot and Simon's silent rebuttal!

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman

    McBeth is sick. Kudos to him.

  • Curtis Mishleau
    Curtis Mishleau

    This round coverage is a perfect example why Jomez rocks! Haha!

  • J D
    J D

    Jerms drive on hole 13 he says it was an early release. Did he mean late release,

  • Toby

    Nice touch on the follow flight starting it out pretty skinny then a solid line the rest of the flight!

  • Micheal Grzywinski
    Micheal Grzywinski

    Fantastic commentary by Big Jerm and Simon...laughed my ass off...allergy shout-out. Great video coverage Jomez

  • C Hileman
    C Hileman

    Jerm makes the pound bag look small

  • Dallas LaCaze
    Dallas LaCaze

    (Hole 13) Jeremy " fortunately I landed up against the edge so i'll have no shot"

  • Kaselier

    Hole 14 is the prettiest 1,030,314 meter hole i've ever seen for sure.

  • Dallas LaCaze
    Dallas LaCaze

    (Hole 10) Jeremy: "I'm choosing the wierdest thing i've ever seen" lol

  • Noseph Cornacho
    Noseph Cornacho

    Li-Sexy commentary was hilarious. Fun and beautiful coverage. Loved it!!

    • Aaron S
      Aaron S

      how did you come up with that name?

  • Roger’s Randoms
    Roger’s Randoms

    Big Jerm allergies are something Central Texas is known for. Sorry about that !!! Simon it was a pleasure to hang out with y’all at Shooters. You do play pool pretty darn good.

  • TDawggHarp85

    Well-played Paul!

  • thomas lewis
    thomas lewis

    15:15 Is that a foot fault from Paul? it looked like the disc moved a little. I'm not sure of the rules and was just curious...

    • jfoster2488

      But of course in my book only nits and d***s call little foot faults, but the rules should change.. but how to do it is a challenge..I mean really as long as you're within a reasonable circle of the disc let's call it good, but where does one draw the line? This is a typical human condition conundrum.

    • jfoster2488

      Yes if the disc moves its s foot fault, never touch your toe to disc or mini when doing stand still.. it's a fault

    • Thomas Renner
      Thomas Renner

      That's what I thought too. Not sure though

  • TC Fletcher
    TC Fletcher

    just between me and you what did paul say that was so funny?

  • Zach Arnberger
    Zach Arnberger

    Hot Take: This Paul McBeth guy is pretty god at Disc Golf. We need to watch this guy, he might have a future.

    • SameMould

      God? Yes. Pretty? No.

  • Joshua Ryan Bignell
    Joshua Ryan Bignell

    Hahahahahaha watch me? Challenge on ever hole.. you have to get creative.. way more fun. 🤣🤣🤣 omg I almost fell out of my chair! This is gold.

  • Daniel Klingelsmith
    Daniel Klingelsmith

    Great to hear Simon back on the mic.