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2 Chainz - 2 Dollar Bill ft. Lil Wayne, E-40
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Music video by 2 Chainz performing 2 Dollar Bill. © 2019 Gamebread, LLC, under exclusive license to Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Lee Green
    Lee Green

    Knew Wayne was gonna snap.."I'm rare" his type of talk...

  • Truenight95 Kappa
    Truenight95 Kappa

    how the hell do these rappers always get the weirdest people in their songs

  • Daniel Moite
    Daniel Moite

    BAY AREA!!!!

  • Hound Hudson
    Hound Hudson

    Wayne been the GOAT since the cater 3 , this shit is just unfair at this point lol

  • relli1jfhukt uftolliver
    relli1jfhukt uftolliver

  • STEVENSON Augustin
    STEVENSON Augustin

    Wayne flow tho 🔥

  • Neelam Mercado
    Neelam Mercado


  • Mike Lesane
    Mike Lesane

    This shit hard who agree🤣🔥

  • dro dom
    dro dom

    Like a triple double dare 😳

  • Aurora C
    Aurora C

    🦁 flipping lava this sawng 🌋

  • Roger Rodriguez
    Roger Rodriguez

    I'm rare Sasquatch

  • T BAG
    T BAG

    I’m rare like a 2 dollar bill what a nice comparison

  • Ololade Akinola
    Ololade Akinola

    Waynes rare like the perfect wagyu steak

  • Jay Belafonte
    Jay Belafonte

    Funny shit $2 bills really aren’t that rare.

  • Philipos Zerai
    Philipos Zerai


  • zayhaze2012

    Their ages total to 128, now thats alot of 2 dollar bills...

  • Luther Blackmar
    Luther Blackmar

    fuck the world Weezy be flowin. E-40 on this bitch, been real since i was 20years old and im 47 now. but wayne... damn that nigga be on it

  • Jermaine Brown
    Jermaine Brown

    don't vomit up here


    hail down to Lil

  • GSize

    I’m real her ass not 😁

  • Rudy Lerma jr
    Rudy Lerma jr

    Gangsta gangsters for life 13 for life bad ass song

  • Robert In der Weide
    Robert In der Weide

    Wayne saved this

  • Jayde Forscutt
    Jayde Forscutt

    I'm rareeeeee ,, like a 2 dollar bil

  • Landiño

    lil Wayne is to good for us

  • Aaron Young
    Aaron Young

    very dope video.

  • Wewe Wee
    Wewe Wee

    Straight fire from the squad 👌👌👌👌👌

  • FAAZ TV - فاز
    FAAZ TV - فاز


  • Anthony Burroughs
    Anthony Burroughs

    Fucking GOAT 🐐 Seriously if you havnt recognized after 19 years(2000) then you can just go back and click on your little pump songs cus I’m good here

  • Adam Teeple
    Adam Teeple

    The sequel to Expensify This lol

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia

    Every one Fukn snapped on this

  • moneyindabank

    I'm rare like a white guy with a black bitch

  • Buffalo Turkey
    Buffalo Turkey

    Bruh y'all hot as Cajun pepper in my music list, keep it up the work chains, you know Wayne gone have ya back.. suuuuwooooop

  • tracy deering
    tracy deering

    I and my son was at the store I'm 58y/o and I looked at him and said I' Rare like a 2 dollar, he fell out laughing I bust a move and clapped my hands, lol

    • mxllyxanlxrd


  • Isaiah da Track Killa
    Isaiah da Track Killa

    1.Lil Wayne 2. E-40 3. 2 chainz

  • Thomas The Ruthless
    Thomas The Ruthless

    Aha shit is dope! What a chorus 💯! Lil Wayne killed it! 2 chains 🔥 verse! Keep it lit homies 💪!

  • Cherry Obsidian
    Cherry Obsidian

    My sister told me about this now I'm laughing 🤣

  • Jeremiah

    so, your video makes people feel high then e40 stops in and kills it, then bongs n' ok, thanx

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac

    Keeping hip hop alive 💯🔥🔥🔥

    • Edmon Pandy
      Edmon Pandy

      No lie

  • Bloody Tachy
    Bloody Tachy

    Mdr le clip

  • Vincent Jennings
    Vincent Jennings

    Lil Wayne said like the 13 floor fuck it I'ma take the stairs

  • benedictus poroto
    benedictus poroto

    Wtf...lil wayne who says that?

  • swapnil udapure
    swapnil udapure

    Autotune is no rare wen it's lil wayne,,,


    Much respect the South putting out west coast bump and putting 40 water on it Gangster shitt from the west coast to the South Coast doing it big one big ass love. For all the West Coast out there put your shitt face on act like you smell doo doo

  • Honnas Ghali
    Honnas Ghali

    this is ard still

  • KEMETE101

    E40 the illest!!

  • Liron HAYES
    Liron HAYES


  • silva_j

    😎 Anyone else updating their playlist? 🔥

  • Nevid Valiente
    Nevid Valiente


  • Yatama Chambers
    Yatama Chambers

    My question to errrrbody is....??? Name me a rapper with a bigger longer comeback story then 2chainz?? He disappeared after duffle bag 👦 right. When he reappeared he been constantly consistent ever since. Name me a rqpper who had success fell silent came back harder longer or louder then titty boi??? I'll wait????

  • George Butz
    George Butz

    Okay close your eyes and listen to Wayne's verse it's actually insane he killed this shit


    e-40 on fire !

  • D'Shontai Wright
    D'Shontai Wright

    Yes, I would keep eating the knish from the Wild n Out ad.😎

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith


  • J S
    J S

    Trump change!

  • Elijahwade23

    Everybody killed this song 🔥🔥

  • Regino Gonzales
    Regino Gonzales

    These the same niggas from expensify this lol


    E40 verse

  • Janeth Martinez
    Janeth Martinez

    Here for lilwayne ❤❤

  • Alden Halkic
    Alden Halkic

    E40 spits on this song like when you were kid and your mom sends you to get stick for your ass whooping 👏🏼🇧🇦

  • Marcus White
    Marcus White

    I'm rare like a 4 dollar bill they don't make them bills im rare

  • Levi Meyer
    Levi Meyer

    Ok I see what your doing google nest , shouldn't be Ness tho so did I make that cool love tho two chaizzzzzzs

  • MLB Samael
    MLB Samael

    Nice how YT promote this trash 129 k likes vs 13 MLN rap dying wiz khalifa lill wayne now this trap crap...

  • Revelation Sive Zilimbola
    Revelation Sive Zilimbola

    this E-40 rapps like BIG the Notorious

  • ꍟ

    -ᎽᎾu ᎪᏒᎬ r∆rཽE̥ͦ_

  • Lacey G
    Lacey G

    Rare like quadruplets!😍😍😍👑👑👑👑 Yes 40Water represent. #BayArea

    • adam dowdyy
      adam dowdyy

      These lames been sleep on 40 f water for 30 years smh

  • Jaden Quiett
    Jaden Quiett

    Listen to d6 proved hes better then any of your goats I listen to every rapper in the goat competition and i have to say this nigga rank king Eminem would be better if he has different flows

  • Ser Humano
    Ser Humano

    I'm rare

  • MrQuon87

    Lol video fire...hahaaaa

  • MrQuon87

    Lol fire lil wayne

  • David Moskowitz
    David Moskowitz

    That's me @ 3:16-3:19; @ 3:23; @ 3:33

  • michael shelton
    michael shelton

    wayne the only rapper that can get on a song with e40 a shit on his verse SAVAGE!!! 2 chainz versus was the weakest e40 should of went second wayne should of went 3rd

  • michael shelton
    michael shelton

    that's really real, that flare, them semis tear that trigger softer than hair silencer's hearing impaired that's rare shoot up a fair that's rare my goons don't care they bears might get the chair who cares - tunechi GOAT !!!!!!

  • Keir Ellis
    Keir Ellis

    Im well done, fuck it😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rita Bozsanyi
    Rita Bozsanyi

    Lil wayne is the best In the videoclip!!!mula!!!

  • Bobby E Évora Baptista
    Bobby E Évora Baptista

    What a song, the clip is briliant!

  • Wersley Tapiwa
    Wersley Tapiwa

    wayne just knows how to do it like a boss..

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar

    40 water dat$ a real boy jus Dont $TOP HE KILLT IT 707 UP N dis hoe

  • Depro Nine
    Depro Nine

    Two owls lard

  • Bruno Guilherme
    Bruno Guilherme

    2 chainz:😃 Lil Wayne:😁 E-40:😕

    • OctaviusBlaze

      He delivered to me but this funny

  • RobinFlysHigh

    2 Chainz look more like he well done 😆😂


      Just plain stupid😂😭

    • Dill Web
      Dill Web

      RobinFlysHigh lmao

  • tafadzwa mapawona
    tafadzwa mapawona

    here for wayne the goat

  • Hailu Hailu
    Hailu Hailu

    Just had to get a stack of 2 dollar bills rare.

  • Uchechukwu Ajuzieogu
    Uchechukwu Ajuzieogu


  • Dre'ko Presley
    Dre'ko Presley

    🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥

  • Brittany McKenney
    Brittany McKenney

    Lil waynes is NOT the GOAT... Em is...

  • James Mungai
    James Mungai

    40 kilt this shit

  • Just Clipz R6
    Just Clipz R6

    that's my favorite rapper aka the best rapper alive

  • John-ezra Bowers
    John-ezra Bowers

    "2 Dollar Bill" (feat. E-40, Lil Wayne) (Yeah, I know that I'm winnin') (I'm winnin', I'm winnin', I'm winnin', yeah) (Yeah, uh, I know that I'm winnin') (I'm winnin', I'm winnin', I'm winnin', yeah) (Mustard on the beat, hoe) (I'm rare, I'm rare) (I'm rare, I'm rare) (I'm rare, I'm rare) (This shit hard) (I'm rare, I'm rare) Like a 2 dollar bill, like a 2 dollar bill Like a 2 dollar bill, like a 2 dollar bill (I'm rare, I'm rare) (I'm rare, I'm rare) (I'm rare, I'm rare) (I'm rare, I'm rare) Spit cold shit, need Mucinex Diamond chain 'round my neck with the crucifix Got a family now so I had to pipe down Before a young hoe fucked up my timeline I wear my shades at night like Corey Hart Stopped trappin' and the plug said I broke his heart On a seafood diet, I don't fuck with pork Porsche and Mercedes drive, I got a lot of torque Trap check, check, one two She wanna spit, dip, fondue Shinin', I'm in the sun room Life a bitch so you better use a condom I'm rare like a nigga that's loyal I'm rare like a girl with me that ain't spoiled I'm rare like Mr. Clean with hair Yeah (I'm rare) Like a 2 dollar bill, like a 2 dollar bill Like a 2 dollar bill, like a 2 dollar bill (I'm rare, I'm rare) (I'm rare, I'm rare) (I'm rare, I'm rare) (I'm rare, I'm rare) I'm rare I promise, I swear I'm high, mid air, don't vomit up here Like the 13th floor, fuck it, I'ma take the stairs Like what 2 Chainz wear, that shit from Rio De Janeiro I'm rare like a commercial with Future and Cher Like a cop that's fair, like a triple-double-dare I'm rare Really rare, you scared, you really scared I'm where? I'm here and there You stare, you disappear Oh yeah, that's really rare That flair, them semi's tear That trigger softer than hair Silencers, hearing-impaired That's rare, shoot up a fair That's rare, my goons don't care They bears, might get the chair Who cares, they say they prayers Oh yeah, the claps drop I'm rare, sasquatch It's bare traphouse Codeine mascot I chill where it's hot Brazil backdrop I'm real, her ass not I'm rare, Tunechi Like a 2 dollar bill, like a 2 dollar bill (Mulla, that's mulla) Like a 2 dollar bill, like a 2 dollar bill (That's rare, that's rare) (I'm rare, I'm rare) I'm rare, I'm rare (I'm rare, I'm rare) I'm rare, I'm rare (I'm rare, I'm rare) I'm rare, I'm rare (I'm rare, I'm rare) I'm rare, I'm rare Real like real niggas, real like 12 figures Real like Wagyu steak, real like 88 polaroid pictures My bite is stronger than my bark, this shit like dog parks (Parks) Treat the Bugatti just like a fuckin' gokart (Kart) 'Bout my business and my soil is my witness Only fuck with real niggas, them fake niggas I had to dismiss Fuck with 'em from a distance, I'm a tycoon Hella sharks in this business, stay with a harpoon I got game like Donald Goines startup companies, crypto currency coins Like a bicentennial quarter I'm hella rare (Hella rare) I've been hustlin' since I was in daycare (Daycare) Now I'm a motherfuckin' millionaire (Millionaire) Money longer than Diana Ross' hair (Ross hair) I'm rare like white running backs, T squares, a box of applejacks I'm an innovator, a trend-setter, far from a copycat I don't rap like none of you niggas, I'm one of one (One of one) The baddest bitch in the world could suck my dick and I bet I won't cum (Bitch!) Like a 2 dollar bill (I'm rare, I'm rare) Like a 2 dollar bill (I'm rare, I'm rare) Like a 2 dollar bill (I'm rare, I'm rare) Like a 2 dollar bill (Bitch) (I'm rare, I'm rare) (I'm rare, I'm rare) (I'm rare, I'm rare) Rare, rare (I'm rare, I'm rare) Yeah (I'm rare) I'm rare (I'm rare) I'm rare (I'm rare) I'm rare (I'm rare) I'm rare (I'm rare) I'm rare (I'm rare) I'm rare (I'm rare) I'm rare (I'm rare) I'm rare (I'm rare) I'm rare (I'm rare) I'm rare (I'm rare) I'm rare (I'm rare) I'm rare

  • Farrah

    Absolutely a brilliant song and video.

  • Alleyne Phoenix
    Alleyne Phoenix

    "I'm rare like Mr. Clean with hair." Classic.

    • Matt 8589
      Matt 8589

      Alleyne Phoenix lil Wayne said it first

  • Geoffrey Brown
    Geoffrey Brown

    4o one,s mikita king s,sup

  • Geoffrey Brown
    Geoffrey Brown

    Kidd. Kids 2nd state chppes,s d back @?

  • Jack Jahnke
    Jack Jahnke

    im here for e40

  • AntwiSam Twenefour
    AntwiSam Twenefour

    Cam’on weezy we miss your old raps from 2013 backwards. But from 2014 forward, rap boring. You murdered this song tho

  • Isabel Bisson-St-Amour
    Isabel Bisson-St-Amour


  • Dinero D
    Dinero D

    Lil Wayne took this beat on a date and made it his bitch! "I'm rare sasquatch" 🔥

  • Geoffrey Brown
    Geoffrey Brown

    Get money with the blood from your hospital. That y you seen in pale desert though the win Dow me with him . In 1984,1986

  • Geoffrey Brown
    Geoffrey Brown

    Catch me . You know me with soccer bitch of 100 kids cat my family is the Gotti. You change my last name.

  • Geoffrey Brown
    Geoffrey Brown


  • Geoffrey Brown
    Geoffrey Brown

    end there.