100 Years of Pregnancy | Allure
Take a look back at the last hundred years of pregnancy, from pregnancy advice from the 1910s and maternity corsets of the 1930s, to the popularity of prenatal vitamins in the 1980s and studies about the efficacy of vitamin E cream for stretch marks in the 2000s.
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100 Years of Pregnancy | Allure

  • Justaperson here
    Justaperson here

    I’m watching this and this was uploaded nine months ago. Perfect timing if I do say so myself.

  • Lenfi X
    Lenfi X

    1:24 Excuse you?

  • Potato Queen
    Potato Queen

    What about my food baby?...

  • Joe Deignan
    Joe Deignan

    I would want to be embarrrased by a baby bump to if I carried Hillary in my stomach lol

  • Destiny Garcia
    Destiny Garcia

    Folic acid bad. Folate good. Explaination: folate is a very important B vitamin and occurs naturally in food, such as in fruits and veggies. Mangoes are a good source. Folic acid is a synthetic man-made version of folate that initially was thought to be more easily absorbed by the body than folate. Unfortunately, the opposite proved to be true. It's difficult for the body to break down folic acid and can take a while. This excess of unbroken down folic acid is detrimental to your health. For example, increasing your odds of getting some types of cancers. Sources of folic acid are enriched products such as enriched breakfast cereals or vitamin supplements. Folic acid is not naturally occurring and thus is always an added synthetic ingredient. This is important to know!! Because pregnant women are often told to take folic acid supplements. Please do not do this! There are folate supplements, you just need to verify that it is folate and not folic acid. I'm currently taking prenatal vitamin supplements that have folate, not folic acid, if anyone would like more information.

  • Zaivera Bussey
    Zaivera Bussey


  • elizabeth sharp
    elizabeth sharp

    The heartburn thing isn't always true. My mom had massive heartburn but I was born bald.

  • Litzy Berrelleza
    Litzy Berrelleza

    Looking at this when the video was posted 9 months ago 7/16/2019

  • Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober

    I’m so stupid... I was tryna figure out what decade my mom had me and I was tryna do the math for it for about six and a half minutes before I realized i didn’t have to do any of that 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Emma Chocolate
    Emma Chocolate

    I'm not the only one that I put a balloon or teddy inside my clothes and pretend I'm pregnant😂

  • xXNebula PlaysXx
    xXNebula PlaysXx

    This video was made 9 months ago, it would've been born today

  • Clove

    Who else is here when this was uploaded 9 months ago?

  • Amulya Sanghani
    Amulya Sanghani

    it’s mind boggling how much women died back then due to childbirth.

  • Chloe Mercury
    Chloe Mercury

    Hehe this video came out 9 months ago

  • Ricardo Andrade Camacho
    Ricardo Andrade Camacho

    100 years of pregnancy sounds like the unwritten sequel of 100 years of solitude.

  • Arha Porotomi
    Arha Porotomi

    God they’re all so beautiful 😭

  • Pakistan entertainment
    Pakistan entertainment


  • nichemillie

    Hahahaha this video was posted 9 months ago

  • • Mini Amora •
    • Mini Amora •

    *I think my mom thought of ogres while having me.*

  • country city
    country city

    (blame the liberals) from goin from conservative 1940s style to 2019 WTH 🙄 circus side show style

  • Grace Cooper
    Grace Cooper

    did anyone else hear the roblox death sound go "oof oof" at 3:21

  • Austin B
    Austin B

    Now women are lazy when pregnant

  • Miranda O
    Miranda O

    The fact that this was uploaded 9 months ago....haha

  • Mike Ike
    Mike Ike

    90% omg...wow I guess I was that lucky 10% because I have no strechmarks at all from my daughter

  • Jacksons little secret a kid friendly channel
    Jacksons little secret a kid friendly channel

    hey are they really pregnant?

  • Little Dragon
    Little Dragon

    My mum had a son when she was 17 (in 1979) and twin girls (in 2005) at 43 without getting stretch marks.

  • Putuna 123
    Putuna 123

    I guess my mum was thinking of ugly people while she was pregnant with me🤧🤧

  • 7jesuskitty7

    That doll with hair was hideous lol

  • B C
    B C

    Wtf how does that frog thing work

  • Carmen Davila
    Carmen Davila

    What about 100 years of deaf people

  • tamarra henderson
    tamarra henderson

    Funny that this video came out 9 months ago

  • Chathurva

    *100 Years of Pregnency* OOKKAAAAAAYYY!!! THAT SOUNDED A BIT WEIRD🙄🙄

  • Xes Zki
    Xes Zki

    The pregnancy test that involve frogs is like wtf?!

  • bucka brat
    bucka brat

    *100 years of pregnancy* Um.... Aren't you supposed to be 9 months pregnant...?

  • Amber Lambing
    Amber Lambing

    lol this was in my suggested videos and I looked to see when it was published...”9 months ago” Guess I have to watch it now. 😂

  • Penelope M
    Penelope M

    This was posted 9 months ago, lol

  • Super sarah
    Super sarah

    What's the point in not wearing a corset during pregnancy is you are supposed to look fat?!

  • Sophia Facciolo
    Sophia Facciolo

    Kind of annoying that pregnant woman were considered having a “condition” and had to hide their bump with cloths... like they’re creating another person its not like they’re a disease🙄

  • Celeste

    I love that i'm accidentally watching this 9 months later

  • Wicked Sisters Circus
    Wicked Sisters Circus

    Ironic how UA-my recommended this to me 9 months after it was uploaded.

  • S T
    S T

    I couldn't imagine being pregnant for 100 years

  • C J
    C J

    Lucy brought sex to TV.

  • Keyerra Roberts
    Keyerra Roberts

    Lol 9 months ago

    • doggo mckitten
      doggo mckitten

      Keyerra Roberts lmao that’s what I was thinking

  • VeganMommyof2

    My son had a lot of hair and it was longer than most newborns 👶

  • VeganMommyof2

    Wow 😮

  • Leah G
    Leah G

    All this time I thought it only lasted 9 months

  • Muva Rosé Petals
    Muva Rosé Petals

    That heartburn thing is a lie! My daughter was BALD and I had heartburn 9 months even when I drank water.

  • DIO

    Wow... the title isn't clikcbait. That in itself deserves an award.

  • Ja So
    Ja So

    I just got reccomended this and it was uploaded 9 months ago lol

  • Stoik Umbrella
    Stoik Umbrella

    Can’t think of ugly people if they want to have beautiful children This ain’t it chief 🤨

  • Sprinklefan fan
    Sprinklefan fan

    "Adviced not to think about ugly people" Welp at least I know they not thinking about me 😂

  • Audrey Kahlsdorf
    Audrey Kahlsdorf

    *posted 9 months ago*

  • Brixhilda Jaku
    Brixhilda Jaku

    The fact that this is uploaded 9 months ago from now makes it ironic😂😂

    • Kitty Animations
      Kitty Animations

      Brixhilda Jaku lmao 😂

  • Cookie Pie
    Cookie Pie

    And now men don't want women to go outside when they're pregnant because that means they've gotten laid and that causes other men to be jealous and also want to have sex

  • ines lopo
    ines lopo

    Posted 9 months ago. Ahhhh the irony

  • lorenct.

    i’ll never get pregnant i’m happy about it.

  • Sydney Douglas
    Sydney Douglas

    Now I wanna know if the frog pregnancy test worked

  • Amarys YT
    Amarys YT

    Video: *Advised women not to think of ugly people* Me: In that case... I will look at beautiful people *Looks at mirror* I SAID PRETTY NoT UGLY JESUS- *looks up Anthony ramos and hamilton cast on google* yes, my child will be gorgeous

  • Lala Sparkle
    Lala Sparkle

    I’m out here.. bleeding to death. Not even close to wanting a lil demon

  • العنود jordan
    العنود jordan

    Can any one tell me what the kind of music or what the name of music at 2:00 min...pls?

  • maymay238xx

    The irony of this being uploaded 9 months ago....

  • Sttella Ordóñez
    Sttella Ordóñez

    Nobody's going to talk about the frog pregnancy test??!!

  • casside666

    I had heart burn while pregnant for the first time in my life and it was so bad I had to sleep half sitting up and taking antacids (doctors recommendation) And my son was born almost bald with slight fuzz looking like MR burns. 😂

  • infinity verse
    infinity verse

    for a second i freaked out when i read the title 😭😂

  • Jaci Hedden
    Jaci Hedden

    What about all those old ads our grandmothers and great grandmothers read promoting smoking during pregnancy?

  • Positive Meditation
    Positive Meditation

    I am posting this comment nine months after the video was posted. I declare this is the day the baby was born. Happy birthday to the “100 years of pregnancy” video’s virtual baby.

  • Jordanna Unicorn
    Jordanna Unicorn

    0:57 condition????? people back then were so dumb and kinda sexsist

  • Marlon Torio
    Marlon Torio

    My mom habbit whe she was pregnant -cellphone 😐😐😐

  • KPDWMSER shadowangel
    KPDWMSER shadowangel

    I’m watching this again from 9 months ago...

  • AliyahRawModel

    The model with the dreadlocks is drop dead gorgeous 😍